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[Heroes] - "Welcoming the Burn" {Mohinder/Claire}

Title: Welcoming the Burn
Author: kenzimone
Disclaimer: I wish
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Mohinder/Claire
Theme set: Epsilon
Rating: G–R
Word count: 7,300
Summary: 50 sentences, one pairing.
Crossposted: typings, heroes_fic, 1sentence, claire_mohinder, fanfiction.net.
Notes: For the 1sentence challenge. Unbeta'd. Like the last time I tried this, ordinary sentences somehow turned into run-on ones, and I apologize for completely butchering the English language. Some sentences may tie into a couple of my other fics (regarding Mohinder's power or the Post-Mortem AU!verse), though most are regular AUs (simply because of the fact that Claire is obviously not fifteen in any of them). When you review, please tell me which sentence you liked the best.

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So if I have to play favorites... *head goes asplodey* "Command" made me giggle, and "Goodbye" literally had me sitting drop-jawed focusing on remembering to breathe. But it comes down to "Thousand," for the sweeping backdrop painted with one microcosm of determination; and "God," for depicting Mohinder so neatly in both diction and structure.

Im in awe. Your writing style is so beautiful.


You are so creative

I love your stories, and this one reaches a new level. I printed it out so I could cut up the sentences and read them in different ways. As for my favorite sentence - I love #12, because it's a story - an ADVENTURE story! - all in one sentence. And #30 for its clever and loving ending. If you haven't read "The Time Traveler's Wife" you are a genius. If you have read it, you've borrowed in the best possible way.

You are very, very talented.

Re: You are so creative

Thank you! I actually haven't read the book, but I checked it out and think that it might be something I'd like. Thanks for the tip!
After re-reading this, I think I can finally pick out some favorites. ;) Before, all I could think is that I loved them ALL.
But now I can separate all the loveliness...I think. My top 10, in no particular order:
#48- Precious = completely adorable and so REAL.
#35- Sudden = SOOOO ridiculously cute.
#18- Attention = because there's so little of Momo!Lizard out there in fics. ;)
#23- Child = an actual HAPPY FUTURE in the Heroes universe. OMG. How rare is that???!!
#27- Hide = because imagining Mohinder as bashful is just MADE OF WIN.
#14- Command = Molly with Claire/Mohinder = family fluff GOLD.
(I think I'm in love with the fluffy ones...)
#8- Thousand = beautifully tragic perfection. :)
#16- Need = OUCH. Just...OUCH. In SUCH a good way.
#4- Last = the most beautiful image of Claire EVER. In a morbid way, to be sure, but still. ;) BRILLIANT.
#30- Ghost = it explains it all in so little. GORGEOUS, and I think my favorite.

So, yeah. This has also been in my mems since the day you posted it, and I can guarantee that I'll be re-reading it a LOT more. ;)

I don't think I've commented before now, but I really should have because you're the one who completely sold me on Mohinder/Claire. I love your writing style and adore the way you write Mohinder. My favorites of these are the ones with Molly - the idea of Claire helping Mohinder take care of her is just the sweetest thing. Nice job.

[sorry for the double post there!]