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[American Idol 7] - "Oeuvre" {Archuleta; Cook; Castro}

Title: Oeuvre
Author: kenzimone
Disclaimer: I wish
Fandom: American Idol 7
Characters: David Archuleta, David Cook, Jason Castro
Rating: G
Word count: 700
Summary: Sometimes Archie goes to sleep and doesn't remember waking up.
Crossposted: typings, idolslash.
Notes: Very AU, very cracktastic. Based on the Top 6 Ford music video, which I strongly recommend you watch before reading this.



That was so strange and so creepy and so PERFECT and I love you. ♥

I'll post your Castro/Rami next week, promise. :)
i love the imagery in this. so vivid and surreal. really fascinating start!
Wow...just...wow! Amazing. Really. It's so creative and...imaginative and...I love it!

Gah! I hate being inarticulate. Forgive me. I've forgotten how to form sentences.

It's awesome and I really hope there will be more to come.