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[The Mentalist] - "Visions of Vermilion" {Patrick Jane}

Title: Visions of Vermilion
Author: kenzimone
Disclaimer: Don't own.
Fandom: The Mentalist
Characters: Patrick Jane
Rating: R
Word count: 1,500
Summary: Death will linger, given enough incentive.
Note: Spoilers for Pilot and Seeing Red. Utterly unbeta'd.
Crossposted: typings, mentalistfic, fanfiction.net.

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omg, this is awesome. I tend to enjoy the concept of Jane seeing far more than he admits too, but never took it to its logical conclusion. This is wonderful.
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.
I absolutely adore this. Just perfectly written with enough detail but not too much. You can feel his pain so well but you're not drowning in it as you read. Just beautiful!
Thank you so much!
Oh, wow. This was really very good. I quite enjoyed the picture you painted with each section.
Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
This was a lovely character study of Jane! I think my favourite scene was the one with the Chief of Police (and the understated way in which Jane easily spots the man's ghosts in the cold case), but the last line is particularly poignant.
Thank you so much! The Chief of Police thing was a last minute add, but I figured that the station must be filled with old ghosts, right? I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Oh, this was gorgeous.
Thank you so much!
My "something isn't quite right" radar went off almost from the start (write enough AU and it comes with the territory I guess). When I figured it out, I was kind of D: at first but then I read this:

//It's a sickening realization, but for a moment you're grateful that he made it terrifying enough for them to stay with you.//


*adds this to MEM*
Thank you! I wanted there to be a darker side to the whole thing, so I'm glad that line hit a chord. :)
I love this. You manage to balance the depth of emotion that Patrick has to feel every day, but you still keep the story flowing along the surface of his reality, and it works perfectly.

And if none of that made sense, I blame exams.
Thank you very much! (It made perfect sense). ;)
This is a ma zing.
And I want more in greater dosages.
I'm so glad you liked it. Thank you!
I've never actually seen an episode of the show, but Google turned up this story when I got curious about the premise of Red John. It's captivating and I find myself wanting to reread and savor every line...gives me chills.
Thank you so much! I'm glad you found it to your liking. :)