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[[ Fanfiction ]]

(For an up-to-date collection of fic, check out my AO3 or FF.net accounts)

American Idol

[700 words • pg-13 • Kimberly Caldwell/Clay Aiken]
She's a teeth clashing against teeth, sex in the backseat of your car kind of girl. No Southern Baptist boy is going to change that.

[700 words • g • David Archuleta, David Cook, Jason Castro • AU]
Sometimes Archie goes to sleep and doesn't remember waking up.

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Generosity of the High KingFinding AslanA Narnian Lament
[100 words • g • Peter, Susan; Peter; Lucy • drabbles]


[100 words • g - pg • Greg/Catherine • drabbles]

Doctor Who

Deus Ex Machina
[900 words • pg • The TARDIS]
In the beginning, there is nothing. And then, then there is love.

Fushigi Yuugi

Too Late to Turn Back Now
[2,900 words • pg-13 • Tamahome]
'It's happening again,' the voice in the back of his head told him. (The day after, Tamahome reflects over what he's lost).



[3,000 words • r • Claire, Mohinder]
Claire Bennet does not know what she had expected death to be like, but it certainly wasn't this.

[2,100 words • r • Mohinder/Claire]
The one thing he will never get used to is stumbling into his apartment at three AM after a long shift and finding someone awake and waiting for him.

[2,200 words • r • Hiro]
To know to change the past, one must have lived through the future.

A Scientist's Prerogative
[1,000 words • g • Chandra Suresh, Mohinder]
Chandra Suresh has searched for his daughter for many, many years.

[4,000 words • r • Mr. Bennet • Men in Black crossover]
He's awaken by a gunshot and the smoky smell of gunpowder.

{2,400 words • r • Claire]
In some extraordinary cases, the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Into Nirvana
[1,300 words • r • Mohinder]
For the first time in years, Mohinder Suresh feels something akin to hope stir in the recesses of his soul.

Oh, How Low the Mighty Have Fallen
[1,300 words • r • Nathan, Sylar]
Nathan never saw this coming.

Welcoming the Burn
[7,300 words • g - r • Mohinder/Claire • 1sentence]
50 sentences, one pairing.

House, M.D.

Morning After
[100 words • pg • Chase/Cuddy • drabble]

In a Heartbeat

8 PM, Thinking of You
[1,400 words • pg • Val]
8 PM, on a date, thinking of you...

Love to Love
[3,500 words • g • Val/Tyler, Val/Jamie]
Val discovers something new about herself, but her timing never has been good...

[3,200 words • pg-13 • Jamie/Val]
Beautiful lightning streaked across the sky. She spread her arms out and tilted her head back. Reveling in the feel of the rain against her skin. Welcoming the storm.

[400 words • pg • Val/Tyler, Val/Jamie, Tyler/Catie]
We're all players, from the day we're born 'til the day we die.

[4000 words • r • Jamie/Val, Tyler/Brooke, Hank/Caitie • AU]
They had no right to be angry at him. No right at all.

[300 words • pg • Jamie/Val; Tyler/Val]
At night, she would dream.


Handful of Bad Luck
[6,400 words • r • Eliot]
Four times Eliot Spencer almost drowned (and the one time he didn't).

Reasons Not To
[1,900 words • pg-13 • Eliot, Hardison]
Eliot's got reasons for not getting drunk. Apparently, so does Hardison.

Striking Hard
[1,400 words • r • Hardison, Eliot]
Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.

Mutant X

[2,100 words • pg • Mason Eckhart]
It was purely business. He could handle business.

Sky High

[3,800 words • pg-13 • The Commander, Will, Warren]
In the aftermath of homecoming, the Commander gives Will an assignment.

[1,200 words • pg • Coach Boomer]
The Commander fell, and with him, their salvation.

[1,100 words • pg • Magenta]
When Magenta shapeshifts, she closes her eyes.

Scribbles on Napkins trilogy:

Scribbles on Napkins
[2,400 words • pg-13 • Will, Gwen, Warren]
"Everything's either black or white with you, Stronghold."

Scratches on Skin
[2,100 words • r • Warren/Magenta]
She would have been terrified if she hadn’t recognized the scent that surrounded her so very well.

Etchings in Stone
[2,200 words • r • Susan Peace]
The Dreams tell her of What Will Come, and their revelations are as unmovable as mountains, their promises finalized as etchings in stone.

To Worship the Sun
[5,600 words • g - r • Warren/Magenta • 1sentence]
50 sentences, one pairing.

[1,300 words • pg • Zach]
Zach would never trade his power for anything in the world.

Special Unit 2

Twisting the Knife
[700 words • pg • Kate]
Change in altitude has no effect on a lifeless Cupid's heart, and Kate has to live with the repercussions.

Stargate: Atlantis

[100 words • g • Ronon Dex • drabble]

Swedish Idol

Decisions Made on Friday Nights
[900 words • pg • Måns, Ola]
Måns decided he wouldn't cry.

Blood and Guts and Zombie Aliens
[2,200 words • pg • Måns, Ola • AU]
A Jedi warrior teams up with an alcoholic ex-CIA agent to save the earth from aliens.

How it Was and How it Ended
[1,500 words • pg • Måns, Ola]
In hindsight, Måns realizes that it hasn’t simply been a bizarre coincidence.

Saturday Edition
[500 words • pg • Ola, Måns]
Ola can't pinpoint exactly when or how the rumors started.

Hurts so Good
[100 words • pg-13 • Ola/Maria Albayrak • drabble]

That '70s Show

For You, A Second Chance
[2,600 words • r • Edna Hyde]
The story of Edna Hyde.

[800 words • pg • Hyde/Donna]
He dreamt of her sometimes.

The Mentalist

Visions of Vermilion
[1,500 words • r • Jane]
Death will linger, given enough incentive.

V for Vendetta

[400 words • g • V/Valerie]
Her name was Valerie.

[[ Other ]]